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How to Get Inspired to Write

How to Get Inspired to Write

As someone who’s written for over 15 years, I’d say I have a bit of familiarity with the subject of writing. Moreover, in that time I’ve constantly been cultivating the ability to write on the spot, as finding the spark to set your cursor into motion is the single most important thing when it comes to being a writer. I feel that, with my continued perseverance toward discovering answers toward this issue, I’ve somewhat mastered an understanding of the matter.

There’s the argument that many contend, which is that in order to write, one must not wait for inspiration and simply “do”. Although I agree that there’s a romanticisation toward writers that can be corrosive to us when allowed to seep into our brains, I disagree that the “just do it” motto truly gets to the root of the problem. That problem, I would argue, is that innumerable writers have disavowed themselves of legroom when it comes to the definition of success and thus entirely deprived themselves of the original pleasure they used to gain from whimsical and non-momentous writing. After all, many of those interested in the query of getting inspired are not entirely set on their careers, or, for those who have, are beginning to doubt themselves due to a failure to find a steady income for one reason or another. This is not an uncommon thing for even successful writers, as the constantly changing tide of what constitutes the often arbitrary-seeming term “good writing” can take a toll on even the most virtuous of us.

Creativity, one will find, does not thrive under pressure. Perhaps in a perfect world, this would be the case, but on Earth, the limits of the whimsical part of the mind lie in its inability to operate during fearful circumstances.

Thus, I argue that the hallmark of an easily inspired writer is a lack of fear. Facing that fear, many could point out, is the key. However, again, I find that the brute force of diving head first into writing is ineffective. Although one may successfully get something written, the flavor and individuality of the writing will not persist. When writers are fearful, there tends to be a lack of personality in writing. This comes from being deeply uncomfortable with putting in your full effort and, subjective or not, failing.

Instead, I suggest finding ways to leave behind that sense of uncomfortableness and insecurity that writing brings when it does. Finding ways to develop positive associations with writing is the first step, starting with not giving yourself impossible quotas or setting unachievable goals like perfect writing. Instead, develop realistic and healthy views of writing and yourself, recognizing that talent and success mean nothing if you are not enjoying what you do. And in doing so, gradually and with patience, one can slowly find the creative exuberance that may have otherwise been left in the past.


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